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E-commerce Website – Mobile Phone Recycling

The Client is one of the world’s leading postal organisations.


To develop an E-commerce website enabling users to earn money recycling devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras.

Key functional elements included:

  • Developing bespoke code to integrate with industry standard electronic device databases (CNET feeds)
  • Developing a user-friendly and secure administration system to allow both the end client and their processing partners to process and manage the entire lifecycle of recycling electronic devices
  • Integrating the system directly with the end client’s multiple payment gateways and systems

Technical Solution

The project was developed using entirely custom PHP code integrated with a MySQL database and using HTML and JavaScript for the user interface.

Additionally the project required a significant amount of integration both with external APIs and web services, raw data feeds and third party systems with no defined integration path.

Project Mechanics

Working very closely with the agency, end client and the end client’s technical fulfilment partners, the project took place over a one year period. Key stages of the project included:

  • Working with the end client to develop a detailed functional and technical specification
  • Developing prototypes of the look and feel and key functionality of the site to ensure that the various different external data and pieces of functionality worked seamlessly together before the main build started
  • Working with the end client to create the most efficient and admin-user-friendly method of tracking price and recycling trends and enable administrators to make price changes ranging from a single device to a site-wide price update at the touch of a button
  • Planning the subsequent build phases and evolution of the site post launch


The project was exceedingly well received and Kieon worked with the client in development support and on-going maintenance for several years. The end client ultimately sold the branding concept to a private equity company in 2011.