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iPad Application – Consumer Products Company

The end client is one of the world’s largest multinational consumer products companies, focused on the production, distribution and provision of household, health care and personal products.


To build a native iPad app on iOS to allow the end client to conduct a survey and recommend products to consumers then collect and store their information at a trade show.

Key functional elements included:

  • Developing a completely native iPad user interface from the designs provided by the agency
  • Implementing a local SQLite database for storing all data collected on each iPad device
  • Developing a system allowing the app to work offline and sync the collected data with the database via a manual process or automatically when a network connection is detected

Technical Solution

The application was built in Objective-C and stored the data locally.

Project Mechanics

The project ran for one month from initial planning to delivery, and involved working closely with the agency to define the functionality required. Some key stages of the project included:

  • Detailed planning sessions with the agency to develop a functional specification document
  • Refining and updating the application during development to reflect the changing requirements as set out by the end client
  • On-going support for the app and expansion upon the original functionality


The iPad application was delivered to a tight deadline and to an exceedingly high level of quality. The project ran very smoothly and both the agency and end client were very pleased with it. Kieon continue to work with the client to expand the functionality of the app, and have since developed further apps of a similar nature for them.